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Gandolfini's son: He had more to give

James Gandolfini's son, Michael, spoke about his father at the Toronto Film Festival.

The beloved star suffered a fatal heart attack last year while vacationing in Rome at the age of 51.

He left behind his wife, Deborah Lin, their now 22-month-old daughter, Liliana, and a son, Michael, who braved the red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival on Friday for the premiere of James’ final film, The Drop.

And the 14-year-old hopes the world remembers his father not only for the great talent, but also for the great man that he was.

“I wanted the world and everyone just to know that he was more than just an actor,” Michael told MailOnline in an interview released Saturday.

“I wanted to show and represent my dad more than just an actor, but as a person. I want to make sure that everyone knows who he really was,” he added.

The teenager acknowledged his father’s best-known role, as the protagonist of hit TV mobster drama The Sopranos. But he insists James would have blown away audiences with his strength and versatility onscreen, if only he had more time.

“He didn't want to be Tony Soprano; he wanted to go on and push himself more, try to get harder, get different,” Michael explained.

The teenager is comforted by the work his father left behind, however. And he’s taking his time going through each of James’ projects as a way to remain close.

“He would want me to spread out his work, so I don't want to watch everything at once and just kind of ignore the true meaning,” he explained. “I want to watch maybe a movie here and think about it, sit on it, realise his role, think about how hard he had to work for that role. And that's what he would want me to do, so I do watch his stuff, but not a lot.”

The Drop is slated to open in US cinemas September 12.

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