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Garfield had 'groupies' at school

Andrew Garfield was "edgy, fashionably cool, popular" at school, it's been claimed.

The Spider-Man star has always spoken about his difficulties growing up, claiming his slim physique made it hard to fit in. However, a teacher's wife who made costumes for his school plays insists things were actually quite different.

"I would call him edgy, fashionably cool, popular," Barbara Tong told British newspaper The Mirror.

"The girls liked him, they always liked him. He always had girlfriends. There was a group of girls, a little bit like groupies. He was a lovely young man and very good-looking."

The 30-year-old actor has claimed he had trouble at school because he wasn't into rugby, like most of his peers. Barbara admits that was true, but adds he was "respected" by his classmates because he was interested in things others weren't.

"He would never have been bullied – there was no making fun of him," she said.

Although Andrew didn't initially study for drama qualifications at school, he went on to do so upon the advice of drama teacher Phil - Barbara's husband. The couple were astounded by the Hollywood star's talent, with Phil explaining he wasn't the most outgoing in the class but "was no mouse" either.

"He acted from the gut and when he was on the stage it was unnerving," Barbara said.

"Some people are just naturals. It was like there was this light around him. A charisma."

In the past, Andrew has discussed his school life, insisting he wasn't that popular and was teased at times. That doesn't mean he was unhappy though and he has used the experience to relate to Peter Parker, Spider-Man’s geeky alter-ego, who also had a hard time.

“Of course, every school has their bullies, and when you’re a kid you wish you had the power to fight them and protect other people - and yourself,” Andrew told British newspaper The Daily Mail. “School's hard. I think everyone has been bullied at some point. Kids can be incredibly cruel. On certain days you would come home and think, 'Today was really horrible,’ so I guess I have been bullied and I think everyone has been bullied at some point by some figure in their life. I don't think anyone can escape it.”

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