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Garfield: I don’t do real estate

Andrew Garfield has revealed he isn’t “very savvy” when it comes to business.

The 31-year-old actor starred in a number of blockbuster films in the past, most notably taking on the titular role in Marvel Entertainment’s The Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

And although reports Andrew had an estimated net worth of $2.2 million in February of this year, the star has yet to buy a home of his own.

“I have a surfboard and a Vespa and a sometimes wetsuit," Andrew told Variety at a press conference Friday. "I'm not very savvy in terms of the real estate market."

Andrew is currently promoting his new film, 99 Homes, which debuts at the Venice Film Festival this week.

His character in 99 Homes is a young man named Dennis Nash who is kicked out of his residence after not being able to find a job due to the 2008 housing bubble crash. And in an attempt to win back his family home, Dennis agrees to work for the greedy real estate broker who caused the eviction.

Andrew feels a great deal of sympathy for his 99 Homes persona, as he believes corruption in business definitely exists.

"There was something that really drew me to the essence of [director Ramin Bahrani's] story," he shared. "My father is a businessman and I became allergic I think because of that. I just couldn't absorb that world. There was some personal attachment I had to Dennis’ struggle because he's trying to play catch-up constantly and try to understand a system that inherently doesn't make sense. It’s created to befuddle from you and steal from you, without using the word 'steal.'”

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