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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Gary Barlow unleashes inner rocker

Gary Barlow tried to stir up some passion in a wannabe rocker at The X Factor auditions

Gary Barlow apparently smashed up the set at the latest X Factor auditions - in an attempt to inspire a contestant to find their inner rock star.

The Take That star demonstrated a violent tantrum after being frustrated by an aspiring rocker's dull attempt at performing Robbie Williams' hit Let Me Entertain You while strumming on a guitar, The Sun reported.

Gary and fellow judges Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Scherzinger were all decidely unimpressed by the audition at London's ExCel Centre and sent the wannabe home.

But then Gary changed his mind and called him back in, and told him they would put him through to the arena auditions in front of an audience next month, but only if he could put on a wild rock star performance.

Gary told the wannabe, "like this", and tried to tip over the judges' desk, but it was screwed to the floor. So he smashed his mug and threw his chair across the room to demonstrate what he meant by rocker's passion.

The singer reportedly said: "I want to see some passion. Rock music is about passion and you aren't giving us any."

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