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Gary Oldman: Friend predicted wedding

Gary Oldman's friend predicted he would get married before he had even met the lady in question.

The actor was baffled when his pal and business partner Doug Urbanski told him he had met his future wife, jazz singer Alexandra Edenborough.

Gary had been married and divorced three times previously, along with a rumoured engagement to Isabella Rossellini.

"I can't say that my personal life has been totally successful. Doug had been through a lot of the experiences. Let's just call them that. Experiences. Experiments," he told the latest issue of British Vogue. "But the first time he told me about Alex, he said, 'I've just met the future Mrs Oldman.' It was very unlike him to say that. He's seen how expensive it could be."

Gary didn't expect to ever tie the knot again. But he was bowled over by Alexandra's lovely personality.

"I thought I'd kind of missed the boat with that, because I had two kids and that meant someone had to fall in love with three people, rather than one. But there was something very beautiful and honest and kind about Alex," he said.

The couple married on New Year's Eve in 2008.

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