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Gemma Arterton: I’ll marry 5 men

Gemma Arterton’s mom thinks the actress will end up like Elizabeth Taylor and have “hundreds of husbands”.

The Runner Runner actress is newly divorced, having split from fashion consultant Stefano Catelli earlier this year. Although Gemma is sad the relationship didn’t work out, she is still open to tying the knot again.

“At this point I’d say no, but I probably will,” she laughed to Stylist magazine when asked if divorce has changed her outlook on marriage. “Let’s be honest, I’ll probably have five others!”

Gemma’s mother also predicts the 27-year-old beauty will have more than one marriage.

“Mom said to me the other day, ‘Darling, you’re going to be like Elizabeth Taylor, you’re going to have hundreds of husbands,’ and I said, ‘Oh well – that’s just the way it’s gonna be.’ But, you know, obviously no-one gets married to get divorced, that’s just life. It’s the way it is,” she explained.

Gemma also spoke about getting back into the dating scene. She is willing to try different avenues in order to meet the right guy, but admits it will be tough finding a man with honest intentions.

“I would love to do online dating just for the laugh, just to see… but obviously I can’t do that. It’s tricky,” she said. “It’s not like you can just go down the pub and pull someone. I mean you can totally do that, but I am a little bit more nervous, more guarded. That’s OK. I’m not in that zone yet.”

Gemma is currently promoting new film Runner Runner, which also stars Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck. The crime thriller centres on a corrupt gambling site in Puerto Rico, and Gemma had a great time working with the talented leading men.

“Most of my scenes were with Justin. He’s such a diamond. He is the loveliest, most down-to-earth, humble guy. I think he feels so grateful for everything and that’s a nice quality to have,” she gushed. “After we made the film he was playing in London at The Forum in Kentish Town, and he said, ‘Come down,’ so I was sitting in the box with Jessie, his wife [Jessica Biel], and I was like, ‘Jessie, you must be so proud’ and she was like [adopts an American accent], ‘That’s my man!’ He’s pure talent.”

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