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George Clooney 'didn't romance Keibler'

Stacy Keibler was reportedly tired of feeling like her "main role" was to accompany George Clooney on dates.

The 52-year-old Hollywood actor recently split from 30-year-old wrestler-turned-model Stacy Keibler after dating for about two years.

George is known for being a ladies’ man and has been linked to beauties such as Elisabetta Canalis and Renée Zellweger in the past decade.

Apparently Stacy felt a great emotional distance between herself and George before she decided to pull the plug on their romance.

“Stacy has felt for a while that George just wanted her as a red-carpet trophy piece. In the past six months or so, her main role has been being a date for fancy dinners,” a source told In Touch magazine. “He’s not interested in her as someone to have a life with.”

Stacy apparently had a hunch that George would never want to settle down.

She lost faith in the future of their love affair after a while.

“Every woman who dates George thinks she might just be the one to change him into the guy who settles down,” the insider explained.

While it's been claimed Stacy's desire to marry and start a family factored in their split, the stunning blonde has since laughed off the rumours.

"I'm, I think, a little bit different than most women out there. I don't really think about that right now," she clarified.

Stacy supposedly felt like she was in the relationship on her own.

It is rumoured that he put little effort into making their romance work.

“Everything was on his schedule - if she didn’t make the move to see him, they didn’t see each other,” the source said.

“He wouldn’t come to see her. It was all him. But that’s the way George is. He kind of thinks that just making you his girlfriend and giving you all that comes with that is enough, and so he doesn’t need to do more work on the relationship.”

Despite Stacy and George's supposed disagreements, the model claims there are no hard feelings.

The star insists she lives in the "present moment" and always manages to have a "positive" outlook.

"There’s nothing really dramatic that happened, so it’s all good,” she smiled.

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