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George Clooney: I'm like Liz Taylor

George Clooney acted like "Liz Taylor" to shine a light on the humanitarian crisis in Sudan.

The actor has spoken out following his arrest on Friday. He was handcuffed after crossing a police line while leading a protest outside the Sudanese embassy and was detained along with his father Nick, Democratic politician Jim Moran of Virginia, Martin Luther King III and civil rights leader Ben Jealous.

George posted $100 bond and left a Washington D.C. jail the same day.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, George explained he teamed up with his father to highlight the problems affecting Sudan. The pair went with a camera crew to the troubled area to report on the situation.

He confessed he used his fame to bring attention to the issue, following discussions with his journalist father.

"I [asked my dad], 'Remember how you used to get all your stories bumped by, like, Liz Taylor [Dame Elizabeth Taylor] or something happening in Hollywood? I said, 'Well, let's go to Darfur and you be the newsman and I'll be Liz Taylor and let's get it on the air," he said.

The actor and fellow protestors accused Sudan's president Omar al-Bashir of locking food and aid to the country. His arrest came after his testimony in the US Senate last Wednesday about his dangerous mission to the volatile border region last week. He met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and American President Barack Obama in the Oval Office

The human right activist adds he was taught to help others.

"I grew up in a family that believed that your job was to be involved with your fellow man," George said. "You have a responsibility to participate in the human condition, one way or another."

Meanwhile the star's girlfriend Stacy Keibler is in talks to join the US version of The X Factor, according to the New York Post. The actress is in negotiations along with Britney Spears to be a judge on the next season of Simon Cowell's show.

The news comes after Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger were fired in January.

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