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George Takei attacks Donald Trump over internment camp comments

George Takei has asked Donald Trump to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to adopting "politics of fear".

Former Star Trek regular George Takei has blasted U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump for controversial comments the property tycoon made about World War Two Japanese-American internment camps.

The actor and activist, who was 'fired' from reality show Celebrity Apprentice by Trump in 2012, spent four years in a camp in Arkansas as a child and admits the politician's latest remarks have deeply upset him.

Trump recently told Time magazine he might have supported the camps, where over 100,000 Japanese-Americans were housed following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1941.

Responding to the comment, California-born Takei, who played Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek, took to his Facebook account and wrote: "Mr. Trump, it's me, George Takei. You fired me from Celebrity Apprentice, remember?

"You've been out campaigning for President and you've said some things that have many people worried, not just because you've said them, but because of the number of Americans who seem to agree with you. Recently you told Time magazine that you might have supported the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

"You said it was a 'tough' thing and you would have had to be there. Well, Mr. Trump, I was there. And there's a way you can be there too."

Takei then invited Trump to visit his play Allegiance on Broadway, "where we dramatize some of the true events of the internment".

"If you want to see how tough it was from the comfort of your seat, you can be there with us in the camps and get a glimpse of what it was like for families like mine who were unjustly imprisoned, thanks to a politics of fear, much like the one you campaign on," the actor wrote.

Trump has also upset Latino immigrants and Muslims with comments he has made during his political campaign, which began in June (15), and on Wednesday night (09Dec15), funnyman Sasha Baron Cohen recreated his offensive Borat character to poke fun at the outspoken tycoon on late-night U.S. show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

As the controversial Kazakh journalist, Cohen poked fun at himself, insisting Trump was the British comic's latest character creation. When host Kimmel assured Borat Trump was for real, he said, "The only person who would ban Muslims is someone with a brain like a female chicken. It is clearly a parody of a rich American racist!"

Trump, who suggested American leaders should shut down mosques and refuse entry to Muslims following terrorist attacks in Paris, France and San Bernardino, California, is currently leading all Republican Party candidates in the polls ahead of next year's (16) presidential election.

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