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Gerard Butler: I lack monk license

Gerard Butler claims he acts like a monk although he doesn't have an official "license".

The actor made headlines last month when he was quoted as saying he'd recently spent time in Thailand immersing himself in religion.

Gerard visited the country after making his latest movie Olympus Has Fallen, and has quipped he lives a life of a solitude just like a monk.

"Yes, well I did the movie and a bunch of stuff after. Then I went to Thailand where I did a bunch of stuff in jungles and up mountains. Three times I went to meet monks where you go and sit with them and do monk stuff," Gerard told BBC Radio 1. "I act like a monk, but I don't have a license!"

The 43-year-old attended the London premiere for Olympus Has Fallen last night.

Gerard plays a disgraced former presidential guard in the action thriller about a terrorist attack on the White House.

He joked that the brutal scenes have sparked unusual reactions from female cinemagoers, including those in his own family.

"My aunt actually fainted! My two aunts came to watch the movie in London last night, and one did faint. Saying that, in America, this movie scored higher with women than men. It's about family, there are kids, it's very emotional. It's about patriotism; it brings out the darker side in them. They leave the film punching the air, it's awesome. My aunt, she fainted probably in one of my speaking scenes. I said, 'Aunt you fainted' and she said, 'No love, I just fell asleep,'" he joked. "[Inviting family is always a risk] sometimes you swear a lot. After last night's experience I'm not inviting any relatives again. My mum came to the US premiere with me and she loved it."

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