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Gerard Way happy with hair

Gerard Way will move away from rock with his next album.

The 37-year-old found fame with rock band My Chemical Romance, but they went their separate ways in 2013.

Now he's back with some solo material and he doesn't think age will get in the way of making it on his own - as long as he keeps his crowning glory.

"Oh my God. Well, then everybody would see this really odd-shaped head. Thankfully I haven’t gone bald – I think that would really bum people out. God, yeah, I’m almost 40! It’s weird to think about it that way," he marvelled to Time Out London magazine.

My Chemical Romance had some massive hits, with 2006 album The Black Parade peaking at number two in the US and UK charts.

Despite the resulting attention, the lifestyle of a celebrity has never appealed to Gerard.

"Well, I definitely never felt like a rock star. I never subscribed to any of that, and I definitely never played the part: the trappings never fit me correctly," he admitted.

"So that’s all worked to my benefit – I feel like I can kind of do what I want now. I don’t think my next record’s going to be a rock record. I’m not sure how I can do anything different with rock ’n’ roll anymore."

Gerard's solo debut is called Hesitant Alien and was released in September last year with the songs on the album inspired by 90s Britpop.

"It just happened to be what I was connecting with, you know? Grunge had been really big, but a lot of it didn’t make sense to me: there were a few of us Americans who didn’t connect with it," he explained.

"But all the stuff coming out of England at the time – it really felt like they were singing about what it was like to be from New Jersey."

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