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Gervais: I found fame goofing around

Ricky Gervais thinks his stardom is thanks to years of "mucking around".

The British star began his career on UK radio station XFM London, but made it onto the small screen with TV shows The Office and Derek. He's now starring alongside the likes of Stanley Tucci and Lady Gaga in Muppets Most Wanted.

"All the time!" he assured British magazine Star when asked if he has 'pinch-me' moments. "Anything I say will be horrendous now! I've said in the past I don't splash out and then I'm like, 'Oh, a work of art? Or a pool?' But you don't think about it, it's an evolution. When I started on XFM I was the richest I'd ever been and it just evolves. I do pinch myself and I do feel guilty sometimes, but I know I didn't do anything bad for it, I didn't invest in blood diamonds. I just mucked around as a fat 40-year-old!"

Ricky, 52, not only stars in Derek, but also writes and directs the British comedy show. When it comes to thinking up the ideas, he doesn't have a magic formula.

"I steal ideas from other people or I create them in my head," he grinned. "That's it! You just write about what you know."

The star may be making a name for himself now, but he's not worried about what will happen to his work when he passes.

“I don’t think of things like that,” he told British newspaper The Sun.

“I don’t even think about how people will think of me when I die. It’s meaningless. And I don’t worry about death; I only worry about how you die.”

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