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Gervais: I run from reality TV

Ricky Gervais hates watching the dramatic stars of today’s reality TV shows making fools of themselves.

The 52-year-old actor hates watching people embarrass themselves because it makes him feel uncomfortable.

The star admits he’s sometimes forced to tolerate the feeling because his longtime girlfriend Jane Fallon is a big fan of bad TV.

“Watching someone on a reality show flirting, being pretentious or needy…it's too much,” he told America’s People magazine. “I try and run away but my girlfriend holds me down and makes me watch,” he mused.

Ricky has a little more time on his hands than usual as he’s currently nursing a shoulder injury he sustained while lifting weights during a gym session.

The comedian admits he’s been drugged up on prescription medication to cope with the pain of tendonitis.

“I've got a frozen shoulder right now,” Ricky complained. “I'm on painkillers, muscle relaxants and just had a steroid injection, which was dreadful. If the doctor said I screamed and cried like a baby, he's a liar.”

The comedian is looking forward to being back on the big screen soon, however.

He stars opposite Salma Hayek and Tom Hiddleston in next year’s family-friendly feature Muppets Most Wanted, and confessed the song and dance role pushed him out of his safety zone.

Joking that he last bust a move “in 1985”, the British star revealed his dance sequence is somewhat embarrassing.

“I do a proper song and dance routine,” Ricky said, musing, “I feel sorry for the people who have to watch and get as embarrassed as I do watching someone embarrass themselves.”

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