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Gibson 'needs help' says scriptwriter

Mel Gibson still needs to tackle his demons, according to screen writer Joe Eszterhas.

The American actor briefly teamed up with the screenwriter in 2009 to develop a script Joe had written.

However, things soon turned bitter when Mel rejected the piece. The two men then entered into a war of words, with Joe releasing a tape of the 57-year-old star shouting at him in his own home.

Mel's behaviour has landed him in the headlines before. He has been arrested for DUI several times and tapes allegedly of him using racial slurs when arguing with his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva also came to light.

Joe believes Mel is still in need of aid to overcome his issues and worries about those who interact with him.

"Mel truly needs help. Something is very wrong," Joe sighed to British newspaper The Guardian. "Unless something is done, unless someone intervenes, terrible things are going to happen, either to Mel or the people around him. I felt I had to do something about it. But the upshot is the script is in his drawer. He's probably still abusing people."

Joe claims he released the tape because he felt dismissed by Mel. Joe was extremely proud of his script and believes the Braveheart star was overly critical of his hard work.

"Had I not gone public with Mel, and not revealed any of this to the world, he would have just said, 'Oh, he wrote a terrible script.' And I didn't; I wrote a really good script, and I put my heart and soul into it," Joe continued.

"Mel would have just f**ked it over and that would have been the ball game. Because I loved the script and that he could simply bury me as he tried to do on the Leno [TV talk] show, it was my way of fighting for my writing and my story and my vision."

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