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Gillian Anderson: Embrace your sexuality!

Gillian Anderson thinks sexual confidence in women of a certain age is a rarity.

The actress became a household name after being cast as Dana Scully in The X-Files. She's had numerous TV roles since the show wrapped in 2002 and currently portrays detective Stella Gibson in The Fall, opposite Jamie Dornan. Her character exudes sexual confidence; something Gillian, 46, thinks more women need to embrace.

"It's funny how rare it is to see [sexual confidence], especially in Stella's age group," Gillian mused to British magazine Stylist. "I remember a friend of mine going to Japan where there are f**k-me buddies who just call up. That can be a mature thing; it doesn't have to just apply to the 20-somethings. It also doesn't have to imply anything like sexual addiction or deep loneliness or that one can't have a relationship. It's actually a choice because of their busy lives and the needs that they have.

"I didn't know I had so much to say about this," she added with a smile.

Her work sees Gillian based all over the globe, with The Fall shot in Belfast and her other TV commitment, Hannibal, based in Toronto.

She's a mother of three and likes to spend as much time with her children, Piper, Oscar, and Felix, as possible.

"I make very, very careful decisions about work, so it's not usually work that I have guilt about. It's about the quality of time that I spend with my kids when I am with them," she divulged. "And there are certainly times when we've had a stretch of time together and at the end of it I've felt like, 'Well, that could have gone so much better; we could have been outside more; we spent too much time watching movies.' But when it comes to work, I'm so particular, before I start, I lay down a schedule of what I can do."

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