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Gillian Anderson talks romance rules

Gillian Anderson wouldn’t be in a relationship with a dominant man because she prefers being the boss.

The 46-year-old actress is believed to have been single since splitting from boyfriend Mark Griffiths, with whom she has two sons, back in 2012.

And in a new interview, The X-Files star Gillian admits she has certain rules when it comes to finding romance again – namely that she isn’t looking for a dominant man.

“The first thing I think of when I think of myself is ‘mother’,” Gillian said in a video interview for The Guardian. “I am for all intents and purposes a single mother, even though I have a full time nanny –but I don’t consider that to be single mother-dom and also their father is very active in their lives. But I think it would be difficult for me to be in a relationship where the man was the boss.”

Gillian became a household name after playing Agent Dana Scully in television series The X-Files. Since then she has received praise for her roles in various theatre, television and movie projects.

However, Gillian also revealed that her celebrity status makes it somewhat difficult when it comes to integrating into her local neighbourhood.

“The one thing I have been told about myself and I now recognise about myself and would not change is that I do have a tendency to be outspoken and sometimes inappropriately spoken,” she said. “Sometimes people respond to you because they’ve been told you’re famous but they don’t know why and they just want to get your autograph because you’re famous. And that does not give me a hit.

“It is hard with the boys starting a new school here and wanting to feel part of the community with parents. And also knowing that the minute I step into a room it shifts things, and wishing it wouldn’t shift things.”

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