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Gillian Jacobs happy with awkward shoot

Gillian Jacobs had "instant friend chemistry" with Leighton Meester.

The two actresses star in upcoming movie Life Partners, in which they play close pals Paige and Sasha. Their friendship is tested when Gillian's character Paige begins dating a new guy called Tim, played by Adam, and it could've been uncomfortable on set also as he and Leighton were a real-life couple.

They tied the knot earlier this year and Gillian found it a joy to work with them in the lead up to their nuptials.

"They weren't married at the time, they were dating. But, it was great. I've known Adam for a couple of years. This is our third movie together, although this is the first one where we've actually had scenes together," Gillian smiled to

"So, Adam I knew, but Leighton I'd never met. But, it was really great, because I feel like she and I had an instant friend chemistry. They're very chill and laid-back people, so it was not nearly as awkward as it could have been playing the on-screen fiancé of your off-screen friend's real boyfriend."

While the movie may focus a lot on how a man affects the closeness between two pals, Gillian insists it isn't all about love. She thrived being in a female-led flick and found the opportunity "exciting".

In real life Gillian tries to maintain her close friendships, despite her hectic schedule.

"Well, I lived in New York for college and moved out to LA for [TV show] Community, so I feel like a lot of my friendships became long distance," she explained. "So, I have newer friendships in LA that I’ve developed. But, I like the friends that you can be your goofiest and silliest and least-judged with."

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