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Ginnifer Goodwin talks astronaut ambitions

Ginnifer Goodwin set herself unrealistic career goals to ensure she succeeded as an actress.

The Once Upon a Time star was determined to make it in the industry from a young age.

Ginnifer achieved her dream by setting herself two career goals, knowing one would be unattainable, to motivate herself.

“I thought I would either be an actress or an astronaut, knowing full well I’d never be an astronaut,” she explained to Prestige magazine.

Ginnifer starred in 2009 rom-com He’s Just Not That Into You, alongside A-list stars Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Connelly.

She believes her roles in movies like this impact her life off-set.

“I find that acting enriches my private life more than it even enriches me as a performer," she continued. "Because I’ve been so lucky, it’s meant that I’ve been able to have an incredible quality of real life that I hadn’t even thought about.”

The 35-year-old will star as first lady Jacqueline Kennedy in the upcoming TV movie Killing Kennedy which is set to air in the US in November.

Ginnifer features alongside Rob Lowe, who plays President John F. Kennedy, in the docudrama which chronicles the final years of Kennedy.

The actress thoroughly prepared for her part as the iconic historical figure.

“I’m a homework junkie, and an obsessive researcher," she admitted. "She was a very private woman, so I’ve been avoiding reading bios of her. I don’t want to read other people’s opinions of her.”

Ginnifer has previously spoken about the tough transition from movies into TV.

Although many actors find it a hard decision, for her it was easy and based on the quality of writing in scripts.

“No it wasn’t once I looked at the script. I hadn’t been planning to go back into TV. I read some movie scripts and I hated all of them to be honest,” Ginnifer admitted to Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O. “The state of the movie industry is that unless you’re in some major comic book movie you’re kind of screwed. Then I read through some TV script pilots and I realised that that’s where all the great script writers have gone - they have gone into TV.”

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