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Wednesday 26 November 2014

Girvan: Stella couple on the rocks

Rory Girvan stars in Sky One comedy show Stella
Rory Girvan stars in Sky One comedy show Stella

Stella actor Rory Girvan has revealed his character Sunil will make some "big decisions" which will have far-reaching consequences in the future.

Viewers of the Sky One comedy-drama have already seen Emma's husband and dad-of-one catching the eye of fellow student Leah at university, where he is studying medicine, and the 25-year-old actor teased that their happy family life could be headed for strife.

"He's leading two different lives which inevitably could cause some trouble," he hinted.

"It's a strange dynamic because he's having these party times which he missed out at school because he was so involved in the relationship. He's coming home to his wife, who is bored being stuck in the house looking after the baby all day and is desperate to go out."

Rory continued: "To a certain extent, he's getting caught up in what's going on and he's not neglecting his family but with his new lifestyle, everything changes. It's quite a weird dynamic but it's a common thing, and it definitely creates some issues as the series progresses."

The actor teased: "There are some big decisions Sunil needs to make down the line, and that will really shape the way he's going. I can't reveal too much but it's certainly not going to be smooth running."

Rory revealed that his relationship in real-life with co-star Catrin Stewart, who plays screen wife Emma, is more of a brother-sister one.

"We both look out for each other, and we are so comfortable with each other. She's like my little sister - although she won't appreciate me calling her little!" he said.

"We live down the road from each other in London and she's a pleasure to work with. Stella is like one big family," he added.

Stella continues on Sky One on Fridays.

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