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Giuliana: baby before career

Giuliana Rancic wants to “take on more of a mom role” this year.

The TV host and husband Bill Rancic welcomed son Edward Duke at the end of August 2012.

According to Bill, one of Giuliana’s New Year’s resolutions was to scale back on work for the sake of their son.

"Giuliana and I sit down every year and discuss our goals to keep each other accountable. She wants to work a little bit less and take on more of that mom role this year, which is great,” the restaurateur told E! News.

Bill is just as determined as his wife to be a good parent and spend time with their baby. He believes modern fatherhood is a very hands-on job and enjoys every moment of it.

"I want to be a good dad. That's certainly an important resolution for me,” Bill insisted. “Duke is 16 months old and the role of dad has changed over the last decade. I want to spend more time with Duke and be as active as I can."

The 42-year-old goes on to explain that he wants to stay as healthy as possible for the sake of his family. He tries to include the baby in his workouts so they can spend more time together.

"I have a great jogger stroller. Duke comes with me on a lot of runs. I take him hiking in this cool backpack that he fits in and it's a lot of fun!” Bill revealed.

"Every year, I try to give up desserts. I'm clean from sugar and sweets and I set a very realistic goal for myself. Giuliana and I both eat clean, but we give ourselves one cheat day every seven days.”

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