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Giuliana Rancic: I won't exploit cancer

Giuliana Rancic's recent breast cancer fight won't be shown on her reality show because she didn't want to "exploit" it.

The television personality underwent a double mastectomy in December following her early diagnosis of the disease.

And although many aspects of her life feature in the series, Giuliana & Bill, the E! News host told OK! magazine that very little of her cancer fight will be aired.

"Some people would take a situation like this and put it all over the news," she said. "All over the reality show, and try and get ratings, and for us that was just something we weren't interested in.

"We're not interested in that - you know, we don't want to milk this opportunity, we don't want to exploit it."

Instead fans will see her and husband Bill Rancic starting up a new restaurant and get a look behind the scenes of her red carpet events.

The Italian-born beauty says that the whole experience has made her realise she is more powerful than she gave herself credit for.

"I think I discovered that I was stronger than I thought I was," she told the publication. "You know, Bill and I used to always joke - everything scares me. Heights scare me. Airplanes scare me."

"And it's amazing like - you just tap into some inner strength and you just do it."

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