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Giuliana Rancic: I'll try for a baby this year

Giuliana Rancic "dodged a bullet" by not having a baby as early as she wanted to but is going to try to conceive again.

The 37-year-old television host was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and underwent a double mastectomy.

But in a new interview with Michigan Avenue, the E! News presenter reveals that she now understands why her punishing IVF attempts were not successful.

"Do you realise that if we had gotten pregnant, I would have been done?" Giuliana questioned. "That would have catapulted this cancer into another level.

"By the time I was 40 or 41, I'm scared to think about what they would have told me. I now know the reason why I wasn't ever supposed to get pregnant."

Giuliana and her businessman husband Bill Rancic opened up their lives and their struggle to conceive to the public through their reality show.

But now the Italy-born beauty is on her road to recovery, she says she is looking forward to once again trying to start a family.

"Right now we're just on lockdown," she revealed. "We're not doing IVF for at least a couple of months to give my body a chance to recover. This year, yes, our journey to have a baby will continue."

She was also candid in her decision to have a double mastectomy and how it has impacted her marriage.

"Obviously your breasts will never be the same, and you're going to lose all sensitivity and feeling," Giuliana shared. "[Bill] thought it was a more major loss than I did. I just thought, if that's the worst, that's a trade I'm willing to make."

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