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Giuliana Rancic: Surrogacy is scary

Giuliana Rancic has likened a surrogate to a 24 hour babysitter.

The E! presenter and her husband Bill are awaiting the arrival of their first baby, with the boy due in six weeks' time.

The pair have been open about their struggle to conceive and opted to use a surrogate after Giuliana discovered she had breast cancer.

The star spoke about her parenting fears at a breast cancer awareness lunch at the weekend.

"For anyone who's thought about surrogacy, it is scary," Giuliana said. "It's like having a babysitter 24 hours a day for nine months."

Bill and Giuliana will be spending time in the mountains of Colorado in August in case their baby arrives earlier than expected. Bill has joked they are dealing with impending parenthood in different ways and both have individual worries.

"Giuliana was more concerned about the surrogate eating fried chicken," Bill laughed at the event. "I'm not worried about her eating fried chicken - I'm worried about her smoking crack."

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