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Gordon-Levitt hates celeb status

Joseph Gordon-Levitt dislikes the press attention which comes with being famous.

The American actor has made a name for himself in hit movies such as Looper, The Dark Knight Rises and Inception.

While he is aware of the popularity which comes with his success Joseph admits he will never enjoy the pressure surrounding his every move.

Speaking about his dislike of celebrity gossip he explained how he copes with being in the spotlight.

"I think a lot of that stuff is pretty unhealthy and I don't wanna participate in it. At the same time, Hollywood has been selling movies that way for nearly a hundred years. So I'm certainly culpable to one degree or another. Uh, and is that surreal? I guess so, yeah," he mused to US publication the Washington City Paper. "Do I get used to it? Not exactly. I mean, I guess I've gotten more used to it than when I started doing it. I remember the first time I did a bunch of press - speaking of [1994 movie] Angels in the Outfield... and I hated it, hated it."

Joseph's dislike of being the centre of attention even caused his mother Jane to question whether he was making the right decision to venture into the movie industry. However, the 32-year-old star soon realised the scrutiny was worth it for a job which he loves.

"[I hated it] to the point where my mom was concerned and was like, 'You don't have to do this. Are you sure you wanna do this? Maybe we shouldn't. You can act in theatre. I know you love doing this but are you sure you wanna do it in movies and TV because this is gonna go along with it and you clearly really don't like it'," he recalled. "You know, I really love movies. I love sets. And it's something that I do..."

Joseph can next be seen in Don Jon, a comedy about a porn-obsessed gym addict which he also directed.

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