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Gordon-Levitt hates labels

Joseph Gordon-Levitt often believes people "label" him.

The American actor stars in and directs his latest film Don Jon, which follows the life of a porn addict. To give the movie a more personal feel Joseph used his own emotions and outlook on life, especially when it came to how people treat him.

"I've always paid a lot of attention to... how can I say it? Being an actor for most of my life, I've often felt that I get treated more like an object than a person," he explained to Total Film magazine.

"So telling a story about that was the initial impetus. I'm not saying that actors have it worse than anybody else. I actually think everybody often gets treated cold and like a 'thing' and put into a box with a label on it. I think we all do that to each other."

Joseph enjoys being behind the camera just as much as he does acting in front of it. However, the 32-year-old star can find it distracting when taking on both roles as he struggles to watch himself back

"I love movies. I love every part of movies. I've been [directing them] on a smaller scale for many years now," he explained. "At first, it's difficult [being my own director]. But through sheer repetition, making all these short films for the last ten years before Don Jon, I got used to it. It's a common thing among actors, and something I experienced when I was younger, that the sight of your own face and sound of your own voice can be off-putting."

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