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Gordon-Levitt’s mistaken identity

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was once mistaken for a girl because of his youthful looks and long hair.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Joseph Gordon-Levitt was once mistaken for a girl.

The actor, now 34, has always looked much younger than his years. But Joseph has revealed in a new interview that his baby face and long hair caused a few embarrassing situations over the years.

“When I was a teenager, I was insecure about looking so young,” Joseph told British newspaper The Guardian. “I had long hair. People thought I was a girl. I remember the dude at the shoe store once being, like, ‘Can I help you, miss?’”

Joseph has been in the spotlight since the age of six, and has starred in television series such as 3rd Rock from the Sun and films such 10 Things I Hate About You and Inception.

But he admits that going through his teenage years as a famous actor was anything but easy.

“Whether it was playing sports or, as I got older, meeting girls, I very much wanted to have those experiences,” he said. “But it was challenging, sometimes, to have them be normal while also working.”

Following his time on 3rd Rock, which came to an end in 2001, Joseph found it difficult to find another job.

Before being cast in Christopher Nolan’s Inception, he admits he struggled to control his despair that he might not find the same success again.

“There were moments, days even, of listlessness,” he said. “You know, wallowing in self-rejection and loathing and despair. But I also had pretty strong moments of intense optimism.”

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