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GoT stars fear character death

Sophie Turner says her Game of Thrones castmates are often tricked by the show's script writers.

Sophie Turner plays Sansa Stark in the smash hit fantasy drama, a part she's had since its 2011 premiere, and describes her on screen alter ego as "half me and I’m half her".

Many of the show's lead characters have met an untimely end over the past three seasons, something which often worries the cast.

"It’s very much a possibility," Sophie smiled to British newspaper Metro when asked about the likeliness of being killed off.

"What makes it harder is that the scriptwriters play tricks on the cast. They wrote a script where Kit [Harington, who plays Jon Snow] got killed off and he was really paranoid about it. But it was a fake. It’s crazy, like they haven’t got enough to do."

The fourth series of Game of Thrones kicked off last night, with the success of the show coming as somewhat of a shock to the 18-year-old British actress.

Despite lacklustre reviews at the beginning it quickly garnered a worldwide audience of devoted fans.

"We thought we’d be lucky if we got a series out of it. Because, apparently, no one thought the pilot was any good," Sophie revealed. "I think at first it just got attention for the sex and nudity stuff. But now people realise it’s really good story-telling."

Game of Thrones launched Sophie's career, and she currently has two new films in the pipeline. She'll be starring alongside Jessica Alba and Samuel L. Jackson in Barely Lethal, which is due out later this year.

Despite her burgeoning screen career, Sophie manages to stay grounded with a close group of friends.

"You learn who your friends are and, yes, the circle has grown tighter. But when I hang out with my old friends, we just don’t talk about the Game of Thrones stuff," she smiled.

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