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Grande teases 'experimental, weird' music

Ariana Grande hints she may make some of her "experimental" tracks with rapper Mac Miller available for download.

The Baby I pop star is working on the follow-up album to her chart-topping September debut, Yours Truly, but there are several songs she recorded with The Way collaborator, rapper Mac Miller, that have still yet to hit airwaves.

Speaking to MTV News, Ariana said while she has no plans to feature their older work on her February release, she may talk to the 21-year-old lyricist about sharing their tracks online - and fans might be surprised by what they hear.

"...The kind of music that Mac and I make is kind of experimental and weird and, like, it's super cool," she said.

"I would love to put it out somewhere, maybe I'll talk to him. We'll put it online or something for download or something."

Ariana, 20, said she remains good friends with the Pittsburgh-born rapper and sang his praises. She said the vibe is relaxed when they're in the recording studio which encourages creative expression.

"The fun thing about my friendship with Malcolm is that when I go over and hang out with him, I get to make music with him that I wouldn't necessarily make for my album. We get to experiment and do cool, weird things," she explained.

"I get to sing different ways and add tons and tons and tons of vocals and harmonies and just make cool music. He's such a great guy."

MTV reports Ariana is soon expected to release her next single, Right There featuring Big Sean, in the UK.

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