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Grenier glad he wasn’t Dawson

Adrian Grenier is happy he lost the role of Dawson Leery to James Van Der Beek.

The actor auditioned for the part of Dawson Leery in the hit 1990’s teen drama, which kicked off the careers of Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams and Joshua Jackson.

Adrian didn’t get the part, and although he felt bad about it at the time, now he thinks James would gladly change places with him to star in Entourage.

"I don't know, you might ask [James] but I imagine that he would've swapped with me to play Vince,” he told E! News.

Adrian goes on to insist that despite everything, he has a deep appreciation for James’ work. And he believes the actor truly was far more skilled than he was back then.

"I'm a huge fan of his. I remember we were both testing for Dawson and I think he just was a little bit more disciplined,” Adrian said. “I was very young and I was living in New York and it was my first time in LA, so I was a little bit more green. And I think he was a little bit more seasoned at the time and so he came in and swept it. But it's OK because I like playing Vince! I want to be Vince in Entourage.”

Adrian will be reprising the role of Vince in the film version of Entourage which has already begun filming.

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