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Greta Gerwig: New York is dizzying

Greta Gerwig had no idea where she was going most of the time while traipsing around the Big Apple.

The 32-year-old Mistress America actress originally hails from Sacramento, California, which has a population of around 485,000 people.

When she first came to live in the Big Apple, which is estimated to contain 8.4 million residents, Greta was understandably dazed by the monumental streets of Manhattan.

“I used to take the subway to a neighbourhood I didn’t know and try and walk back without a map,” she told Page Six. “And this was before smartphones, so I just got lost all the time.”

But Greta has gotten the hang of travelling around New York City well, but not well enough to land a role in television show Gossip Girl, which centred on the metropolis’ wealthy socialite community.

Although she auditioned for the series, which aired from 2007 to 2012, casting agents did not think she was the right fit at all.

"They were like, 'Why did you wear overalls to this audition?'" she recalled to HuffPost Live previously. "I'd be like, 'They said she was from a farm,' and they were like, 'But this is 'Gossip Girl!'"

Greta found it tough being rejected so often at the beginning of her career.

However, she is ultimately grateful to have experienced so much failure.

“There were moments like that, where I realised I didn't fit the thing that they wanted, but I always wanted to be part of them. I wish they had wanted me, but they didn't,” Greta admitted.

"I think if I had been more successful at changing myself, then I wouldn't have [become authentic]. But luckily, I just failed at it. I had no choice but to be authentic because people were like, 'Even when you blow out your hair and do a whole thing, we still don't believe you.' I was like, 'Great! Then I guess I'll just be who I am.'"

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