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Greta Gerwig struggling with insecurity about directing her first film

The actress wants to be a good example for other women filmmakers.

Actress Greta Gerwig is petrified about making her directorial debut, insisting she is struggling with confidence issues.

The Frances Ha star, who has become a darling of the indie film industry, is gearing up to start shooting Lady Bird, which she also wrote, and the 32-year-old is second guessing her abilities on the other side of the camera.

She explains she has always felt a lack of confidence right before it was time for her to embark on important tasks in her life, and this time she's petrified.

"I was a swimmer in high school, and at swim meets I'd have this feeling on the starting block that I didn't even know how to swim," she tells the Evening Standard. "Then I'd jump in and it was fine. But it's that feeling, right before a thing; I don't know that I can do it."

Greta is hoping that a "better version of herself will show up" when it's time for her to start filming, but she is also confident that just being herself is enough to get the job done.

"I think that is so often the experience," she continues. "You think, 'When I achieve the thing, won't I just be better?' And then you realise, 'No, you're not going to be smarter, or more organised, or thinner, or prettier or calmer. You're going to be you, and you're going to do it'."

Despite her reservations about making the new film, she is grateful to have the opportunity to tell stories after experiencing rejection from several playwrighting programmes once her studies at prestigious Barnard College in New York were complete.

"I try to tell the truth about that, because a girl might read this who wants to be a filmmaker, and who just got rejected, and thinks that means she'll never be able to do it," she adds.

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