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Groban’s terror over Clarkson duet

Josh Groban was “terrified” about asking Kelly Clarkson to sing a Phantom of the Opera duet with him for his new album Stages.

The pair team up for a Phantom of the Opera track on the singer’s new album Stages, which is made up entirely of Broadway covers.

But Josh said the prospect of approaching Kelly to lend her voice to the track was something he found a little daunting.

“I was terrified!” Josh told Entertainment Weekly magazine. “ I thought she’d say no because she’s got a hit album and a new baby and such a busy career. But she’s actually a big Broadway buff. I’d wanted to sing with her for a while and I thought, Maybe this is crazy, but maybe this is the way to do it, with something people wouldn’t expect. And she’s got pipes!”

Josh is an incredibly multi-talented star, who has found success as both an actor and a singer.

And while Stages might not appeal to everybody, he insists he has wanted to make such an album for many years.

“I didn’t have as much creative control earlier in my career,” he explained. “One of the reasons I didn’t do it earlier is because I didn’t think I had set up the right stepping stones yet for it to be an album people would have necessarily wanted. You want to make sure you’ve been through enough to be able to tell the stories. You want to make sure to have a fan base that’s receptive and wants to hear it, and that you’re in a place where you’ve hopefully expanded without alienating and people trust you to go along for that ride.”

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