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Guy Pearce: Google is no good

Guy Pearce has someone pretending to be him on social media sites.

The Australian actor first found fame in soap opera Neighbours in his native country but has gone on to forge a career in Hollywood.

He's busier than ever with film commitments, but very rarely takes the time to look himself up online.

"I have done and it's always turned out bad. You just don't want to know what people are writing about you. I don't do social media and stuff like that," he explained to British newspaper Metro.

"Someone's pretending to be me on Twitter and Facebook. Someone's out there going, 'I just filmed this,' making sh*t up."

One of Guy's most recent roles was starring alongside Robert Pattinson in dystopian crime drama The Rover.

The 47-year-old was blown away by his younger co-star, and thinks he has what it takes to become one of the greats.

"He's as interested in delving into character as much, if not more, than am. I thought: 'This guy's totally my cup of tea.' Then I put two and two together and went, 'Hang on, he looks like that, he's that famous and he's this good... Seriously, if he doesn't become the biggest movie star in the world there's something wrong.' Amazing as an actor and amazing looking - what a combination," Guy smiled.

Next up is a movie with Robert's Twilight co-star and former girlfriend Kristen Stewart. While he's never seen the vampire franchise, Guy jokes he's got a thing for starring alongside the Twilight actors.

"I'm about to do a Drake Doremus film, Equals, with Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult. I've never seen Twilight but I'm slowly working my way through the cast. I've gotta find a job with Taylor (Lautner), I guess," he laughed.

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