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Guy Pearce: I've done money movies

Guy Pearce doesn’t get offered the big bucks other actors do and only considers doing films with an original story.

The actor began his career on soap opera Neighbours in his native Australia, but quickly moved to Hollywood to pursue a career on the big screen.

While roles in films such as L.A. Confidential garnered praise, other projects have flopped at the box office.

“I’ve been tempted by the money, yeah, but if it’s not a story I feel is even slightly original, then I’m not going to do it,” Guy explained to British magazine ShortList.

“The big bucks are pretty tempting – but I don’t get offered the big bucks the way some people get offered big bucks.”

Joking that he doesn’t feel like he belongs anywhere, Guy admits he’s most comfortable when he’s at home. Instead of socialising with A-list actors, he prefers to spend time with his wife of 17 years Kate Mestitz and their group of friends.

The 46-year-old star recently opened up about his marijuana habit, but admits he’s not advocating the use of the drug.

“I have to be careful about what I say. I can’t be out there going, ‘Drugs are great, man!’ I have mixed feelings.

“On one level I think it should all be legal and everybody should be able to do what they want, but on the other hand I’m aware that a massive percentage of the population can’t handle it and do crazy things and hurt people or hurt themselves. So you can’t generalise,” he explained.

Guy’s new film The Rover is an apocalyptic tale set in Australia’s outback. Co-starring Robert Pattinson, the two men had to get to grips with each other for the movie’s fight scenes.

“Yeah, it was great fun knocking him around,” Guy laughed. “But listen, he’s all up for it. Aside from the super fame, he reminds me a lot of myself in that he’s really interested in getting fully inside a character.

“He does [receive a lot of attention], but we were pretty remote, so one person behind a bar would go, ‘It’s that f**king guy from f**king Twilight,' but have no one to tell.”

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