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Guy Pearce praises Pattinson

Guy Pearce marvels at the level of "megastardom" Robert Pattinson has to deal with.

The actors star alongside each other in The Rover, a crime drama about a man tracking down the thieves who stole his last possession - his car.

Robert became hugely popular after taking on the role of vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise and Guy found it interesting to observe the 28-year-old on set.

"He's had a very different existence as an actor than I did," Guy mused to Total Film magazine.

"He's just this megastar. I don't know if he struggles with feeling like a valuable actor, as I did, but he shouldn't, if he does. He's amazing.

"On the second day he was doing the scene where he falls out of the truck and he's sitting there bleeding and I was watching it on the monitor. I looked at [director] David [Michôd] and said, 'Wow, he's really good, isn't he?' What he was offering up with regard to the power shifts between us meant I had such great stuff to work with."

Unfortunately Guy, 46, hasn't always worked with such easy-going stars. He admits the amount of divas he's encountered during his career is "ridiculous".

"Do I want to punch them in the face? Yeah, sometimes!" he laughed.

"If I can be helpful, I will be. If I can't, then I just won't bother. Or I'll have a conversation with somebody. But if it's not affecting me too badly, and it would change our dynamic to bring something up, then it's best not to do it."

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