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Gwyneth Paltrow consoles daughter

Gwyneth Paltrow encourages Apple to talk to her about "upsetting" things on the internet.

The actress has nine-year-old Apple and son Moses, seven, with Chris Martin, who she announced she had split from last month. It's known that the Iron Man star is strict about the TV her kids watch and she's just as concerned about what they are exposed to online.

"Apple is nine and already she's starting to pick up on certain things from friends who are going on the internet and getting exposed to things you'd rather not have your children deal with at this age," she sighed to the British edition of OK! magazine. "But she has an incredible brain and she's already asking me lots of big questions about the universe. I try to explain to her that there are things on the internet which are upsetting to grownups too, and that she's not ready to be dealing with everything you can find on the internet. It's not safe for children. So I ask her to come to me with her questions."

Gwyneth married Coldplay frontman Chris in 2003 and she announced their decision to "consciously uncouple" on her Goop website last month. They hadn't been pictured together in public for some time and there are rumours work commitments and Gwyneth's devotion to a healthy lifestyle are to blame. Shortly before their split, she offered her views on infidelity.

"If you're committed to someone and you're in a relationship that's important to you, then you surmount things," she explained. "For different couples, cheating poses different challenges, and I would like to think I'd be forgiven and, also in that scenario, I would know going in what I was signing up for."

Gwyneth starred in 2012's Thanks for Sharing about people struggling with sex addiction. She revealed that she is "open minded" but that she would find it very hard to hear her long-term partner had had an affair that had been going on for some time.

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