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Gwynnie 'mentors' Courtney Love

Courtney Love has opened up about her apparent strong friendship with Gwyneth Paltrow.

The outrageous singer has insisted she is close friends with the American actress, who even helped her when she was struggling with drug problems. They are apparently so tight, Gwyneth has approached her good pal Jay Z about collaborating with Courtney in the future.

“She's a great mentor. Gwyneth has never, ever given up on me - even when I was on Adderall and stuff, and I love her for that,” Courtney told

“[With the new album] we have the single, which comes out when my book comes out this winter. But we're missing a song that's modern... I would love to do a duet with Jay Z. Wouldn't that be great? Gwyneth asked him if he heard my version of 99 Problems and he said it was brilliant, so…”

There are rumours Gwyneth is currently unhappy about plans Vanity Fair magazine has to write a piece on her. It is alleged the Hollywood star has asked her friends not to be involved in the project.

Although Courtney hadn’t heard the speculation, she immediately jumped to Gwyneth’s defence when quizzed about it.

“Gwyneth is one of my best friends. If Gwyneth says don't do it, then f**k you, Vanity Fair! I'm going to stick up for her and be very articulate and you're going to publish every word I say!” she fumed.

“For Vanity Fair to do a write-around about Gwyneth is uncool and déclassé and boring and terrible of them. And it just shows you where Vanity Fair has fallen. They have Taylor f**king Swift on the cover getting a puppy.”

Taylor wasn’t the only star in for a tongue-lashing from Courtney. She also slammed Katy Perry, with Lady Gaga one of the few modern musicians she has time for after they had a “really good discussion” at a recent event.

“I'm not trying to be a b***h – [Katy's] a nice girl. But she just bores me,” she explained.

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