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Gyllenhaal: Music sets my mood

Jake Gyllenhaal channels his dark roles by listening to happy music and eating.

The actor is known for his dark roles in films such as Donnie Darko and the recent Prisoners, which also stars Hugh Jackman.

When he needs to understand the part he's playing, Jake channels his passion for music and food.

“I really, really love listening to really poppy music. I play a lot of intense characters and going the other way can help," he explained to GQ Australia.

"Sometimes if you listen to something that’s the complete opposite of the feeling you’re having, you can dive even deeper. Somehow you’re not thinking so much. And then bam, you’re in it.

"I’m obsessed with food. I love eating in general, but if I’m somewhere on location, I tend to find one restaurant and weirdly will eat one or two things that I love. Then I’ll know I’m going there at the end of the day to eat that thing. It’s like a strange catharsis to me. I don’t know what it does… but it kind of breaks the boundaries of something that’s different to what my character would eat.”

In Prisoners, the 32-year-old plays Detective Loki, who is helping a man look for his missing daughter and her friend.

Hugh, 45, plays the searching father and Jake is thrilled he was able to collaborate with the Australian star, who has a great reputation in Hollywood.

“I heard so many things about him, as we all have, that he’s such a good guy, such a nice bloke, but I had my own scepticism about that," Jake admitted.

"But when I worked with him, the amazing thing about it, annoyingly so, is it’s just very true. He’s a good man. And as an actor, he’s so humble. I mean, given the position he’s in… People say success brings out who somebody really is, and he’s a deeply good man. He’s not performing it.”

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