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Hailee: Harrison's an icon

Hailee Steinfeld has joked that even her generation know Harrison Ford.

The 16-year-old actress is currently starring with movie legend Harrison in sci-fi adventure Ender's Game.

Set in a militaristic, dystopian future the movie sees Ender Wiggin (Played by Asa Butterfield) sent to battle school where's he trained to become the world's saviour by Harrison's Colonel Graff.

"Lots of people will ask if I even know who Harrison Ford is. His work has definitely carried across to my generation," Hailee joked to British newspaper The Metro. "Working with him was just the coolest experience."

Hailee's big break came in 2010's award-winning film True Grit, which saw her nominated for an Oscar for her role as feisty Mattie Ross alongside Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges.

Since her breakthrough, Hailee has noticed certain similarities between the characters she plays.

"Somewhere in their story, every character I have played comes through as a young woman, learns to stick up for themselves, creates their own voice and becomes comfortable in their own skin - I really love that," she said.

The same can be said for her life off screen too, where she had to battle bullies while at school.

It led to her being home schooled, which is still the case.

"I think it's something everybody gets everywhere. Interviews I've done have blown it out of proportion. It was verbal, not so much physical," she said.

The young actress is also currently starring in the latest big screen adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, alongside Douglas Booth, who she helped cast in the leading role.

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