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Hailee Steinfeld: Hollywood is scary

Hailee Steinfeld found it intimidating when she was plunged into the adult world of Hollywood.

The 16-year-old star appeared in 2010 movie True Grit but has since taken some time off to ensure she picked the best possible follow-up project. She has the support of her family and friends and believes her sensible attitude will stand her in good stead.

Other stars who found fame at a young age have been beset by problems, such as Lindsay Lohan who has been in and out of rehab. Hailee has an idea why that can happen.

"For teenagers - and I mainly speak for myself on this one - you're put into this adult world and it's scary as anything can happen at any moment, but I'm just thankful my parents have raised me the way they have," she told Company magazine. "I feel really confident just being me. I think a lot of the young actresses out there are the same - they've got really good backgrounds and families. We're just doing what we love and we're only doing it for that reason."

The star doesn't worry about the side effects of fame either. At the moment she is never recognised when she goes out and still feels comfortable catching a movie with friends. She is aware that might change, but says it comes "with the territory".

Hailee enjoys using social media, like many other people her age. She is aware she has to be careful about the messages she posts online though.

"Obviously, Twitter is something it's very easy to get carried away with," she admitted. "But I really enjoy letting the fans know what I'm up to and seeing their responses. I wouldn't say I have rules, but I definitely know what not to tweet."

The teenager giggled when quizzed about her friendships with other stars such as Taylor Swift and Elle Fanning. Her best friends are people she has grown up with, although she does enjoy meeting people in the industry.

"I've actually done a few things with Elle and we sort of run in the same circles, but we're not super-close friends," she explained. "I'm so hoping I get to work with her one day and become close with her as she's such a cool girl."

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