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Hailee Steinfeld's sophisticated pop sound

Actress-turned-singer Hailee Steinfeld chose Love Myself to be her first single thanks to its bold message.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - American star Hailee Steinfeld's musical sound is "sophisticated pop".

The 18-year-old actress has moved into world of music this year (15), with her debut single Love Myself being released into the great wide world in August (15). She's working towards unveiling an album thanks to the help of Republic Records and can't wait for people to hear her material.

"I guess I'd like to call it, like, a more sophisticated pop," she told "Right now what we're working on is constantly evolving, so it’s hard to put one stamp on it, because some tracks are obviously so different from others, but I think it’s best right now to say a sophisticated pop.

"Um... (I've recorded) close to 14 (tracks)? It's interesting because so many artists and songwriters are telling me that the first songs they write are never the ones that end up on the album, because by the time you finish it six months later, you’ve changed so much as an artist and as a person."

Hailee's no stranger to the industry, having dabbled in singing since she was 12 and boasting her vocals in movie Pitch Perfect 2. So what made the brunette beauty chose Love Myself as her first ever offering?

"There was really no question as to whether it should be anything other than the first single," she explained. "It has such a bold message and it resonates with me so much because I feel as though I’ve really learned in the last couple of years how important it is to have that kind of self-confidence and self-love and self-empowerment."

Hailee is thrilled by the positive reactions to her music and she hopes people from all walks of life can enjoy the tune. She's even been approached by fans who have thanked her for helping them learn to feel comfortable in their own skins, which the star finds the "most insane thing".

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