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Haim have balls

Haim feel more confident in themselves since recording their upcoming album Days Are Gone.

The three sisters from California are set to release their new album Days Are Gone next month.

After penning their current single The Wire five years ago, the girls are thrilled their music has finally become known. They credit their producer Ludwig Goransson for giving them confidence and helping explore their talent while recording in the studio.

"[Our EP Forever showed us] how much fun recording could be... with Ludwig Goransson, when we recorded [Days Are Gone] with him, it was so much fun," eldest sister Este reminisced to MTV News. "And he was so supportive of us and opened our eyes to so many things about production that we didn't really have the balls to do. Now, we're super ballsy! Nothing but balls."

The siblings - also including Danielle and Alana - and drummer Dash Hutton are now selling out venues with their packed concerts. Este believes their massive success is down to their eventful lives as they have captured everything exciting that has happened to them in their music.

"I think we were just drawing from the last seven years of our lives, but also our entire lives," she laughed. "I think the record's kind of just the summation of everything we've gone through and everything we've been listening to."

Haim, named after the girls' surname, chose the title Days Are Gone as a metaphor for all their missed album deadlines in the past. Danielle admitted fans wanted new music sooner and they now look at the album name with humour and accomplishment.

"A lot of people actually wanted us to hand in the record a lot earlier than we did because the Forever EP, came out over a year ago. But it wasn't right and..." she trailed off.

"And the days kept going by," Alana chimed in.

"It became a [running] joke," Este concluded as all three of them giggled.

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