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Monday 28 July 2014

Hairy moment for Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams' hair extensions fell out during Strictly training

Strictly Come Dancing star Michelle Williams had a hair-raising experience when a dance lesson with her new partner went wrong.

The Destiny's Child star was learning the tango for this weekend's show when some of her hair extensions fell out.

She has teamed up with Ian Waite after her regular partner, Brendan Cole, flew to New Zealand to see his family following the death of his father after a long battle with cancer.

Michelle said: "We were having so much fun and then his father died which was just absolutely heartbreaking and he had to go home, but family always comes first."

She insisted she would put on a performance that made sure she was still in the show when Brendan returned.

She said: "I've come a long way from the USA, so I would be quite disappointed if I went home so early in the game. My bad boy is gone this week but I'm determined to welcome him back in with a job. Brendan is my partner and I want him to come back home knowing he's got a job."

The bookmakers don't have much confidence in Michelle and have made her second favourite to be booted off this week, with only former England goalkeeper Peter Shilton seen as a more likely loser.

They have installed EastEnders star Scott Maslen as second favourite to win, at odds of 7-2, behind the favourite, ex-Blue Peter presenter Matt Baker.

Betfair's Alex Bake said: "Scott continues to improve his dancing skills and that's being recognised by everyone, including the punters."

Sunday's results show will see a performance by music legend Neil Diamond. The singer-songwriter, whose hits include Cracklin' Rosie and Sweet Caroline, has sold more than 128 million albums.

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