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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Hall: Celebrity is intimidating

Rebecca Hall confessed she gets nervous meeting big stars

Rebecca Hall has admitted she still gets nervous about approaching other celebrities.

The actress is about to star in one of the summer's biggest blockbusters, Iron Man 3, but gets as tongue-tied as anyone else when she meets big names.

Rebecca, daughter of Peter Hall and Maria Ewing, said: "It would be completely disingenuous to say that I'm not fazed by celebrity."

Although the Parade's End actress met lots of famous people through her parents when growing up, she said: "These days it's different. Celebrity now is designed to be intimidating and it's huge, enormous.

"Then you realise they're just normal people and it all goes back to normal again, but I don't think anyone is immune to that."

Rebecca, who got her break with Starter For 10, said she appreciates how intimidating it can be for fans to approach her because she has done the same thing.

She said: "There are a couple of people where I've felt I had to go and say something - one was Larry David. It does take a lot and I appreciate that.

"I get a little bit uncomfortable and then I'm quietly chuffed that someone has taken the time to come up and say hello and that they liked my work."

Rebecca said she doesn't get recognised much at the moment as most of her characters look very different, but thinks that might change as she gets more famous.

"I might start to get some funny looks on the subway but that happens already and it's kind of OK, I can deal with that."

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