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Hall talks ‘holier-than-thou phase’

Rebecca Hall admits she was once reluctant to follow in the footsteps of her parents, who were involved in show business.

The Transcendence actress is the daughter of Royal Shakespeare Company founder Peter Hall and opera singer Maria Ewing.

Rebecca admits in the past she rebelled against walking in her parents’ professional footsteps by entering show business.

“I did [rebel] for sure. I did. There was a point when I realised that it was so boring to decide to be an actress, and so inevitable. I hated the trajectory of it,” she explained to British newspaper The Independent. “The whole thing of coming from my family and acting. Also I knew the rubbish that surrounds it. I went through a really holier-than-thou phase where I went: ‘Acting is a bunch of nonsense and its all narcissism and vanity, and who’d want to do that? It’s stupid! It’s not at all an artistic endeavour. I’m going to be an artist! I’m going to be a true creator!’ But that was bollocks!”

Although becoming a thespian was ultimately what she chose to do with her life, Rebecca isn’t intent on travelling the traditional route professionally.

She doesn’t think it’s appealing to sell information about her personal life to magazines.

“I still don’t know that one. I really don’t. I think I probably arrogantly assumed you don’t have to do that, that talent will speak for itself and you should not. So I’ve tended not to,” she said. “But I’m sure that’s not true any more. It doesn’t mean I’m going to change my behaviour. It just means maybe I won’t ever be as famous as some people, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

Rebecca will next be seen in romcom Tumbledown starring opposite Joe Manganiello and Dianna Agron. The film is slated for release later on this year.

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