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Halle Berry: I smoked movie pot with Hanks

Halle Berry has joked she "smoked movie pot" with Tom Hanks.

The actress appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno where she revealed secrets from the set of her new movie Cloud Atlas.

Halle joked about an incident during filming where she sparked up a supposed cannabis cigarette with Hollywood actor Tom, and teased the show's host for being so shocked.

"I smoked pot with Tom Hanks... yes, I did! It was movie pot" Halle joked. "Come on Jay, we know you've smoked some pot. What you never drove and smoked pot at the same time? You prefer cupcakes, right?"

In Halle's upcoming movie Cloud Atlas the actress plays six different parts. The picture is one of the most expensive independent films of all time. One of the reasons for this is the extensive make-up and wardrobe required to transform the cast into a range of characters.

"That's me even the breath looks like it stinks. We spent eight hours in make-up a day. No one recognised me, it was scary," Halle told Jay.

"One day Hugh Grant, he's in the movie too, I was in the make-up trailer talking to this guy and after I had a five minute conversation with him I was like, 'Oh god, Hugh is that you?' We did that all day long."

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