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Halle Berry sick on Olivier's shoes

Halle Berry has recalled throwing up on her fiancé Olivier Martinez's shoes when they were working together.

The Oscar-winning actress and the handsome French star met on the set of the thriller Dark Tide, before announcing their engagement in March 2012.

Many of the scenes for the film were shot in and around water, meaning the cast and crew spent a lot of time on a cramped boat.

Halle admits it took time for her to overcome her sea sickness.

"My first day on the boat I'm not ashamed to say I got terribly sea sick - I threw up about five times, but it never happened since. I got my sea legs and have not been sick one day since. But that first day there were very high waves it was very choppy," she explained. "Half our crew was chucking up. I couldn't help it but I threw up on Olivier's shoes!"

Dark Tide director John Stockwell is full of praise for Halle's spirited attitude when dealing with the challenging conditions.

As well as spending hours at sea, the actress also had to compromise when it came to the usual luxuries a Hollywood star might expect.

"The most extraordinary thing about this movie is that we are all on a 22ft boat for ten hours a day. Halle Berry uses the same funky toilet that everyone else is using," John laughed. "I mean, there is absolutely no private space with 20 crew members and four to six actors. It is very unusual."

Dark Tide is released by Revolver Entertainment on 22nd October.

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