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Halle Berry's ex 'feels railroaded'

Halle Berry's ex Gabriel Aubry is "resisting" a request to take anger management classes.

The Canadian-born fashion star visited family court today to face a judge regarding allegations that he pushed Halle's nanny while she was carrying their three-year-old daughter Nahla. The Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) have been investigating the matter.

Although DCFS has found no evidence of Gabriel ever verbally or physically abusing Nahla, the authorities have suggested that the model take anger management courses.

Gabriel is irked by the request and is vehemently contesting the matter before the judge.

"DCFS has found no signs of physical or verbal abuse regarding Gabriel. They just want the judge to formally order Aubry to attend parenting classes with Halle and take the anger management classes," a source told Radar Online. "He has been resisting that because he feels like he has been railroaded unfairly. Gabriel wants the nanny to be held accountable for lying because he says he never even touched her."

Authorities have insured that Nahla receives impartial counsel throughout the custody feud between her mum and dad.

"Nahla has been appointed an attorney by the court because her parents are at war with each other, and someone needs to be looking out for her best interest," an insider revealed.

Gabriel will also battle the issue of Halle moving abroad with their daughter.

Under the current terms of their joint custody agreement neither parent is allowed to move out of Los Angeles County without the other's consent.

The actress has formally petitioned to leave the US with Nahla to start a new life in Europe with fiancé Olivier Martinez.

Halle is reportedly "in fear of her life" as Madonna's ex stalker Robert Hoskins, who is described as "highly psychotic when not taking his medication and [having] very violent tendencies", escaped from a mental institution and has targeted her as his next victim.

Robert was detained by authorities Friday and returned to the Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk.

The court has not yet entered an official judgment on Halle's request to move.

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