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Halliwell’s ‘divided wedding’

Geri Halliwell and her fiancé Christian Horner are said to be caught in the midst of a family feud after announcing their engagement.

The former Spice Girls star announced in November she and Formula One Team Principal, Christian Horner, are engaged to wed.

But it’s claimed his mother and father are upset about the news.

“Christian’s parents have already made up their minds not to go. They’re very upset by everything that has gone on and feel as though their loyalties are very divided,” the racecar driver’s purported relative told British newspaper The Mirror.

“You can say that his parents are absolutely devastated. We won’t be going to the wedding.

“There is a lot more to this story than people know about – to do with his ex-partner.”

Apparently Christian’s family is upset because he left his partner of 14 years, Beverley Allen, just months after she gave birth to their first baby, a daughter named Olivia. His relationship with Geri was revealed this March and eight months later they became engaged.

It is rumoured Christian is troubled by his family’s response to his and Geri’s forthcoming nuptials.

“Over the years Christian has been very close to his parents – particularly to his dad who shares his love of motor racing – but recent events have thrown everything into doubt. His mum is particularly upset,” the source said.

“It’s a real shame and everyone involved is upset.

“Weddings are expected to bring families closer together, but this engagement has driven a wedge between people.”

Before their relationship took off, Geri had a brief but highly publicised romance with comedian Russell Brand. She was also romantically linked with British writer Sacha Gervasi in the past. Geri and Sacha are parents to eight-year-old daughter Bluebell.

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