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Hamm appreciates recognition

Jon Hamm won’t find it hard to say goodbye to his Mad Men character.

The 43-year-old received his seventh nod for Best Actor in a drama series for his role in Mad Men back in July. The star plays Don Draper in the AMC series and he thinks it’s lovely to still be in contention so far into the programme’s history.

“It’s very, very nice to be considered in the sort of second to last season of the show, and the consistency has been really cool,” he revealed to Variety. “It’s always nice to have your name mentioned in the group of people I’ve been mentioned with. I don’t take it for granted, and I really do appreciate it.”

Jon first took on his part in the 1960s period drama in 2007 alongside co-stars Elisabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks. But although he has a deep connection with his character, the thespian won’t find it too hard to leave Don Draper behind when the series ends next year.

“It’s been eight years of my life, and a pretty consistent eight years in that it’s been, when we’re not shooting the show, we’re promoting the show or doing some other sort of ancillary project involved with the show,” he said. “It’s obviously hard to say goodbye to the people who I’ve become friends with over the last eight years, cast and crew. We’ll all go get drinks and see each other and hang out still.”

After years of being in a steady job, Jon admitted it will be weird to go back to being a jobbing actor.

“I’m sad to see the regular employment go; the hardest part is probably going to be being unemployed again,” he said.

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